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Welcome to Acelero Learning 3149 Germantown (Big G) Center!

Welcome to Acelero Learning 3149 Germantown Center, which is affectionately known as ‘Big G’ and located at 3149 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We offer Early Head Start services for children as young as six-weeks-old and up to three-years old. We also offer Head Start preschool to children ages four to five-years-old. We make available:

  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack
  • Play-based curriculum tailored for infants and toddlers
  • Robust preschool curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten, and
  • Family Learning Parties and Family Engagement Network meetings where families can get to know each other and cultivate community.

Families love that Acelero Learning ‘Big G’ has an inviting learning environment where children can thrive and become champions of their own making.  



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We provide a safe, welcoming learning environment that prepares children for kindergarten and beyond.

Acelero Learning Head Start

We support the whole child.

Nutritious meals and snacks are provided every day in a family-style dining setting at all centers. In addition, we support the completion of general health and wellness screenings and exams for all children served by our program.

We partner with families.

We work in partnership with families and collaboratively within communities. A range of social services are also provided for interested families through our dedicated Family Advocates.