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Camden & Philadelphia Resources

Community Relief Services

Camden & Philadelphia

Aunt Bertha Social Support Services  Provides solutions that connect participants with local social services. Includes food, housing, job training, and transportation Serves both Camden & Philadelphia   Visit 

New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Program For more information on the results of federal governments allowance for new options in providing unemployment insurance benefits related to COVID-19 contact Apply

Spectrum Providing free internet access to families with children in need Call

Comcast Providing low income families affordable internet. Visit

Philadelphia Housing Authority Evictions Suspended  Visit | Call 

PGW Information regarding Philadelphia Gas Company extension Visit

TANF NJ Visit or Call | PA Visit  

Unemployment Benefits NJ Visit | PA Visit

Food Pantry and Meal Services

Camden & Philadelphia

City of Philadelphia Recreation Centers 50 recreation centers will remain open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. These centers will provide meals to young people ages 18 and under. Meals will be distributed at 3 p.m. each afternoon. Visit

Aids Coalition Of Southern New Jersey Food Pantry for Camden County  Call

Hunger Coalition Food pantry by zip code Visit 

Camden City District Public Schools Serving students each weekday school remains closed Visit

Cathedral Kitchen Food Pantry for the city of Camden Call

Church Of The Living God Food Pantry for the City of Camden Call

Crestbury Apartments Social Services Food Pantry for the City of Camden Call

Evangelism Today Christian Church Food Pantry for the City of Camden Call

School District & City of Philadelphia  Providing free grab & go meals to families across 80 locations Visit 

  • Locations Closest to ALCP:Meade (1600 n. 18th st, 7 blocks from St E’s)
  • Gideon (2817 w. Glenwood, 5 blocks from st es)
  • Cramp (3449 n. Mascher, 4 blocks from plaza allegheny)
  • Ludlow (550 W. Master, 5 blocks from Jefferson)

Faith Tabernacle Church Food Pantry for the City of Camden  Call

Hispanic Counseling and Family Services Day Care Food Pantry serving Camden County Call

Hope Memorial Food Pantry Food Pantry serving Camden County Call

School District & City of Philadelphia  Grab & Go Meal Service Visit

The Neighborhood Center Food Pantry for Camden County  Visit

New Hope Temple Church Food Pantry in the City of Camden Call

TANF Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development Visit | Call

Touch New Jersey Food Pantry Serving Camden County; Pantry Hours: Wednesday 9:00am – 1:00pm  Visit | Call

Medical Services

Camden & Philadelphia

Philadelphia Coronavirus  Call

Mental Health Crisis Call

NJ Family Care Publicly funded health insurance for eligible families Visit